angelica clinica in vietnam

intention is the most powerful medicine...  

Throughout the millennia, the human body never ceases to intrigue and fascinate... While being a model of perfect balance... a vessel of intelligence with infinite potential... an instrument of experimentation and creation of life, it nevertheless remains, for the most part, an absolute mystery... How can we understand this microcosm? What is the key to harmonize and to activate healing at all levels? At this point in time, we truly understand perhaps 5 - 10% of the human body. And yet, medicine and the various healing arts help millions of people every year in rediscovering their health. Imagine, then, if science could lead us to understanding 100% of our pain, tension and illness? What kind of positive effect would this have on the whole of society?

Symbolic Language allows access to such a comprehension... 

Everything is symbolic... the symptoms experienced, the final diagnosis, the life situation that led to our problems and the signs or dreams received on the subject in question. Understanding the challenges of our body, heart or head requires an understanding of our life, first and foremost.   

"I have seen the greatest of healing accomplished by profound and symbolic understanding. That which I had learned in my medical texts would, at times, become completely turned around... I would come to understand that a miracle was not always a case of Divine intervention. So often it involved the conscious application of a voluntary change relating to our memories... Because all forms of pain and illness originate from our past... Knowing how to analyse our history is the greatest key to opening our full potential toward health...."     

- Dr François Bouchard, D.C., N.D.

"A profound moment of support on your spiritual journey"


here are the main therapeutic approaches offered in vietnam:

* angelica pratica

* angelica consultation

* angelica yantra