There is no such thing as chance or an accident… The events that occur in our lives, the dreams, the signs and the nightmares that we receive at night, all have a profound meaning... What is this meaning?... How can we understand what happens to us inwardly as well as outwardly? Can these messages be decoded, interpreted and used consciously to build and inspire flourishing health, lasting balance and happiness at all levels? 

« And if I told you Yes... There is a way... a way to interpret these messages from the Beyond ... What would you say? Would you be willing to undertake the journey of Knowledge through symbolic language? All that is shown to you, as much during the day as the night, comes from your memories, from your unconscious, from that hidden part of you that contributes to the daily weaving of your destiny... By the knowledge of this encoded language, called "symbolic language", you will discover the keys to improving your life at all levels, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. It is possible to avoid the consequences, to understand the causes and to transform your whole life by this Knowledge... 

For those who are seeking help, sharing, a deep and compassionate look at their spiritual journey, work with the angels on a daily basis, analysis of their dreams and their signs and symbols... accompaniment along their initiatory stages... Here is an ideal therapeutic approach.

ANGELICA CONSULTATION offers you a time to meet in clinic or virtually (via phone or skype) to accompany you on the path of Traditional Angelology, in the analysis of your dreams and symbols or to answer any metaphysical question concerning the Initiatory journey.