Angelica Yana

“The Journey within us”

Did you know that Angels ancient philosophy and symbolic language has inspired major traditions all around the globe like the ancient times of India, Babylon, Jerusalem, etc.? What is in fact an Angel ? Why do we see Angels in all traditions and religions of the planet ? How come this symbol has been an inspiration to the origin of spirituality ? Why do we see the Indian Gods with blue skin ? 

The answer resides in the ancient text of Antiquity that was spread out through time in various parts of the globe to communicate an essential message to all humanity. Our purpose of evolution is to transform ourselves, to evolve, to become angelic and the wings are in fact an ancient metaphor to represent our capacity to dream, to meditate, to access Knowledge,  the multi-dimensions of the Universe. It is a symbol that express that it is our duty, our last stage of evolution to reach enlightenment, to attain our spiritual full potential. 

In fact, an Angel represents a State of Consciousness related to Qualities, Virtues and Powers of the Creator in their purest form. In the Ancient texts, the Angels are the 72 Facets of the Forces of the Universe. This is why in different traditions, there were many gods, many divinity to express the various forms of representation of God. When we manage to rediscover Them and to reintegrate Them in their Essence, we then attain great States of Consciousness, happiness and bliss... we elevate ourselves and symbolically we activate our wings. The wings were also taken from the birds in terms of symbolic aspect so we could understand that we can fly, visit the multi-dimensions of physics and metaphysics. This constitutes of course a long journey but it is our only reason for being here on Earth.

Traditionally, it was a teaching that was transmitted by word of mouth. Initiatically, it represents the wisdom that is received by going inward, opening our metaphysical senses to our Divine Potentials.This initiatory angelic science related to 72 forms of State of Consciousness allows everyone to reach the highest spiritual levels through an in-depth study and transformation of his own consciousness. Considered in its essence, this teaching, or philosophy, brings us the Knowledge of physical and metaphysical experimentation. The study and application of its founding principles plunges the human being into intense introspection because one discovers through time that life is like a dream, that the Law of Resonance in physic applies also to the human reality and not only to objects. This reaches its heights the moment an initiate discovers the profound nature of man, of woman, of matter and intentions, of Angel and of Divine Workmanship.


In Sanskrit, the word Ya means “Go” or “move", and hence Yana means “Journey” or “ Vehicle”. Angelica Yana means the Journey within us, with the help of focussed breath, that helps one to achieve great levels of purity in consciousness. It is a process connected to specific types of breathing, ie Air element, which symbolises world of thoughts, is a process of conscious will to oxygenate to the fullest our physical and the metaphysical bodies and brain with new Air, Prana, Energy, bringing intensively an external abundance of clarity that leads to past, non-understood (thoughts, emotions, experiences), issues and spiritual potentials within the soul…to be after that clarified and mastered! Thus, the breath becomes the Yana ie Vehicle that takes us within, in the deeper layers of our unconscious where the causes of our issues are lying.

In Buddhism, yāna often expands the metaphor of the spiritual path with the idea of various vehicles that convey a person along that path. The yāna / mārga metaphor pervasive within Buddhism and other traditions is an analogue to the Chinese metaphor of the Tao: The earliest explicit Buddhist use of yāna in a metaphorical sense of a journey to awakening may be the term dhammayānam, "dharma chariot". According to an ancient text, there are 3 types of people:

•First, those who are completely into the world of matter and pleasure and live only for that.

•Second, those who turn back to all behaviors related to matter and pleasure of the world and wrong deeds, and connect to spirit alone.

•Third, those who are willing to come out of the distorsions and miseries and go within to understand the cause, see it in matter as a reflection, as a result of which all around them are benefited as well. This is marrying the spirit and matter.

And this is the Yana path

Yana is determined by capacity and propensity of the "symbolic human body". Therefore, we can think of the body as a microcosm where all of our emotions, thoughts and intentions are located.When we activate our conscience with Angelica Yana, we develop the ability to sail across the ocean of Saṃsāra, understanding our inner universe and releasing it’s full health on all levels : physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. 


Angelica Yana technique involves invoking an Angel along with conscious connected breathing to lift the veil to unconscious, that enables the seeker to go into the memories which are yet to be understood and transformed in their daily manifestations. The Angelic wisdom and symbolic understanding of these memories, that emerge in form of sensations, pains or visions or other mystic experiences, during a Yana Session, help the seeker to profoundly experience and understand its Divine Potential. It gives also an opportunity to meet with our inner distortions and to transform them with continued chanting of the Angelica Mantra during the session. This is a technique that helps one to connect to his inner 72 dimensions with breath, go within to root causes, the blocks and understand the reason of its existence, apply the Law of Resonance (which is one of the many spiritual Laws explained in the Angelica Yana teachings) and master them. It is a transformational process that heals the traumas, hurts and suppressed energies with wisdom, applying the symbolic language, the language with which universe communicates with us all the time.

To invoke the Angelic Consciousness, the Angelica Mantras are used, this allows us to activate the Vibration and the Powers of the Angel’s Energy and its Field of Conscience within ourselves. When one connects the breath with it, it helps to create a bridge to the memories stored in that field of consciousness and where it has manifested on the body level. By accessing and understanding these memories in our inner world, leads to a very deep and profound cleansing. 

Angelica Yana leads a person to experience and understand how working on our inner aspects helps us to transform our outside, the world of action and to manifest a better life on all levels. As a person continues to work with it everyday, he / she integrates more spiritual bliss and harmonious life holistically.   


•Learn how to invoke 72 Angels and improve your inner and outerlife by going deep in the root cause of the issues like relationships, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, financial, career, etc. and cleanse with Yana and Dreams.

•Learn to work with breath with 72 Angels invocation, leading to flow of Prana & detoxification in body and open the veil of unconscious with wisdom to cleanse the memories and patterns. Practicing Angelica Yana activates intensively our ability to dream. 

•Through physical and mystical experiences, and through decoding our dreams, Angelica Yana helps us understand our life plan and purpose by connecting to Birth Angels and applying all the Divine Laws like the Law of Resonance.

•Deep inner and outer relaxation, release of tension, increased sense of aliveness and well-being.

•Resolution / Healing of the past traumas 

•Physical detoxification, healing of diseases, improved health

•Insight and awareness 

•Increased trust in life, reawakened intuition, feeling of completeness

•Create what serves you in life, improved loving for yourself, and lovingrelationships

•Clearer communication to self and realisation of life purpose

•It gives us the autonomy in our spiritual path

•It activates the fusion of spirit and matter

•It helps us integrate the symbolic language into our daily living

•It reminds us of our true life purpose on Earth

•It helps us Divinely understand ourself and others

•It helps us cleanse our karmas

•It helps us enter into a Dharmic state of mind, a Dharmic life

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