the angelica yoga

Since the millennium, the human being is in search of the mysteries and meanings of his life. This deep quest inspired to question himself, leads him to seek, to meditate, to pray, to close his eyes, to understand beyond the form and answer a thousand questions as: Why suffer? What is the reason for all these injustices and offsets in this world? Why live if we must die? What serves the problems and difficulties? The human being questioned all the energy he makes to find happiness and to transform his fears into victories.

He wondered why such is life. In our century when these issues have never been as much present, where the new generations crave a knowledge from their soul, Angelica Yoga re-emerges from ancient times and offers multiple answers, meeting tools with oneself, a centralized yoga with the ability to receive answers and teachings through dreams, signs and symbolic language.

It is important to understand the initiatory essence that Angelica Yoga infuses in us when we practice it. Because it is more than just postures or movements, this yoga of activation and integration of Angelic Energies representing Qualities, Virtues and Pure Powers, makes us release the memories and unconscious limitations that prevents us from reaching the total realization of our evolution on Earth so that we can clearly receive answers in ourselves so we can enable our spiritual autonomy. This ancient practice of Angelic Mantras and making symbolic postures activates in us many reactions, internal metamorphosis, to reconnect us to the Source of Love and Wisdom in ourselves, to the Universal Intelligence and through dreams and signs, we learn life, we ​​learn about ourselves and develop our multidimensional powers.

The practice of Angelica Yoga allows:

- To cleanse our memories

- The self-improvement through initiations, awareness and knowledge

- The activation and the ability to remember our dreams and to study them

- The awareness of the signs

- The study of symbols and symbolic language

In summary, this initiatory yoga allows us to discover our Angelic Nature. By the Power of Mantra Practice and movements, it first creates an opening of consciousness that will allow us to connect with what lies within us. Then gradually, the most beautiful and purest will emerge within from the depths of our soul until we fully embodied the Angelic qualities in every aspect of our being and in every departments of our Angelica life ... Practicing yoga is understanding the technology of consciousness to purify inside, to activate the multi-dimensions of the universe in us.

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