Born on September 21st, 1972.

From a very early age, Emmanuelle’s greatest joy was drawing and painting. While completing her general schooling, she spent her leisure time drawing.

Then she went on to Art College where she specialized in illustration and comic-strip. At that time, she didn’t go in for comics and publishing because during her studies, she realized that in her heart of hearts, one day, she wanted to illustrate a book with deep meaning that would inspire others. And she thought that since she was only in her twenties, she didn’t have the necessary experience or Wisdom yet.

An opportunity in teaching arose and so Emmanuelle went back to the world of studies to get a teaching qualification, and for the last 14 years she has been involved in teaching and various other projects. At one point, she was an assistant in digital photography, as well as a textile illustrator.  Today she teaches art on various education levels, from 11-year-olds to adults.

As a young child, Emmanuelle had an inner spiritual life, remembering intense dreams since about the age of 4. For many years, seeking answers to existential questions, she became interested in different religious, spiritual and esoteric traditions.

One day, a friend spoke to her about a book on Traditional Angelology, entitled, “The Book of Angels, Dreams-Signs-Meditation,” by Kaya and Christiane Muller. At last, she had found a book that answered her questions; she sensed there was deep truth in it, and trusted it.  At that time, she was emerging from great difficulties in her life and she set to work intensely with the Angels, learning symbolic language to interpret her dreams. A few months later, Emmanuelle met Kaya, Christiane and Kasara for the very first time at a lecture.

After working for several years with this Teaching, Kaya, Régine and Patrick invited her to illustrate a book of Angelica Yoga for children. She accepted and this beautiful project is now underway.

Every day for years, she spent time observing one of Gabriell’s paintings, re-educating her artistic conscience through their luminous beauty. Her friendship with Dominique Grelot as well as his artwork also greatly inspires her.

During the course of her career, Emmanuelle discovered the possibilities of computer graphics and decided to put it to good use. Today, she draws by hand and realizes décor and coloring through computer art (infography).

She bears the best of her training in mind when it comes to outlining a drawing, and she now tries to offer a simple, clear, luminous drawing to serve this beautiful yoga handbook as well as the illustrations accompanying each exercise. Her greatest wish is to combine her search for esthetic simplicity with the spontaneous picturial pleasure she has regained thanks to a whole graphic palette…