A professor... a modern sage of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), at one with her era

christiane muller grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a comfortably well-off and yet a modest family too. Her parents had a grocery shop on the Lausanne Road, Geneva, and she spent her childhood and teenage years in devotion & daily service as she helped her parents morning and evening, while continuing her studies. She was also brought up by a great aunt who had become completly transformed after her husband’s suicide.

From a very young age, Christiane identified with this search for compassion and humanitarian aid. Despite having had a leg amputed after an accident, in her goodness, her aunt still helped missionaries and she financed their different works. Christiane was inspired by both her presence and the concrete acts she undertook to help others.

After bringing up her son alone following a separation from her first husband, Christiane went on to develop a career in the banking world in Geneva. She was a qualified Wall Street Broker and became at the same time the Human Resources Manager for the well-known Merrill Lynch Bank. She was also the executive assistant to the president of an American Bank in Geneva and held prestigious posts alongside some of the richest men in Europe. Her career was flourishing in a world of great material abundance. Everything was there available, ready to pursue the logical course of success in the eyes of society.

But Christiane's inner researches is unveiled during a trip to India about 26 years ago. This trip plunges her into a turmoil of reflection, introspection and questioning on emotional intelligence, on the real meaning of her values, of her life and what she had achieved. She begins to wonder about the real meaning of life and becomes interested in various methods in personal development. She obtains diplomas in different techniques of self-development and by giving energy healings, humanitarian aid becomes part of her daily life. She was probably the first person to give energy healings in the world of banking. Her bosses allowed her to do so knowing full well that the radiance she emanated could only be beneficial for the staff. She simultaneously begins to accompany people in their terminal phase.

Of course, the more we advance and develop our inner faculties, the further we seek to become a better person, a better soul. Through helping others, Christiane opens up and discovers the strength, power and potential of the soul. And she voluntarily leaves the wealthy world and her promising career in 1992. She gives workshops to the unemployed, teenagers and the elderly to help them understand the meaning of their lives and ordeals. These experiences deeply change her and the material world becomes a lot less important. In 1994, she moves to Canada after receiving intense dreams and signs. It was a non sense for her, knowing that she didn’t know anyone in Canada. It was weird for many people but deep inside she knew it was very important...

After being in contact with ancient texts on the origin of Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Christiane chooses to dedicate her life to the study of this very ancient initiatic Knowledge. Hence she discovers her capacity to dream and understand symbolic language. Through her dreams, she then begins to receive revelations as to what she should undertake and it is during this period in her life that she first meets the man who will become her husband, Kaya. The similarity of their destiny is amazing. He too was from an abundantly wealthy background and he left it behind in order to find answers to his questions. They both work on themselves, and prepare to embrace their destiny.

In 1996, Christiane Muller's first lecture is organized in the basement of her home in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts in the Laurentian mountains in Canada, where, for the very first time, a handful of people listen to this white-haired lady share her experience, weaknesses and transformation. Everyone is truly moved. News of her great integrity, beautiful charisma, deep sincerity and determined devotion to helping others, travels fast and numerous requests arrive from all over Canada. Two years later, herself and her husband give lectures in over 35 cities in Canada, as well as many lectures in the New York region. In 2002, Switzerland and Europe welcome her first lectures in more than 60 to 80 cities, and continue to do so to this day. 

For over 20 years now, Kaya and Christiane have continued to write many bestsellers, which have been translated into several languages. They continually travel in America, Europe, Asia and Africa to spread this Teaching on Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Language. Their books are available in many countries across the world, in English, French, German, more recently in Vietnamese, Hindi, and soon in Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese.

She is now woking with her husband and their team on a major project on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Symbolic Language called The Source Code Technology with senior computer specialists in artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare a unique Techonology that will be used for medical, therapeuthic, edudactional softwares and apps as well as robotics.