Denise Fredette, N.D., F.O., A.P.

Osteopathy training
Physical Education teacher 

During the early years of her life, Denise evolved in an environment where learning and discipline were joyfully taught mostly through the practice of different physical activities. Moved by the educational dimension of the body, she was very inspired by the thought of going deeper into this fascinating world. Thus when the time came to decide on a profession, she quite naturally chose teaching physical education in schools.

After being graced with two wonderful children, whom she raised full-time with all her heart for several years, one day Denise felt called to return to the collective. A new attraction arose within her… she decided to return to her studies and obtained a master's degree in School Administration, which allowed her to go back to the world of teaching on other levels.  

After several years dedicated to the world of education, she decided to take 4 years of sabbatical in order to deepen her knowledge of the human body by studying osteopathy.

It was during this period that she discovered the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ), symbolic language, and the work of Kaya and Christiane Muller. From the very beginning, she felt that this philosophy opened the door onto a profound understanding of consciousness.

Thereafter, she devoted most of her time to working with Angelica Yoga, studying dreams, signs and symbols, and becoming one of the first volunteers in the Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching & Research Center, where she is now a professor.  

For some years now, in addition to writing about and the diffusion of Angelica Yoga in several countries with her husband Dr. François Bouchard, Denise has been consulting at the Angelica Pratica Clinic, which she cofounded with François, Kaya and Christiane. They wholeheartedly welcome people from many countries who want to better understand what they are going through on both the physical and symbolic levels.

Updated 10-feb-17