There have been the highly gifted in music, in mathematics and other fields, who surprised us at a very young age. In Kasara we encounter wisdom and an exceptional gift for Self Knowledge and profound understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language, Dreams, Signs & Symbols…

Through her books, meditational CDs, lectures and seminars, Kasara has become an extraordinary example of a new way of living, learning how to be guided by Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Symbolic Langage, the coded messages of our dreams and signs. This radiant young woman now shares her vision of the world and her wisdom through her international lectures and workshops. Hence, through the examples and testimonials she presents, she helps us understand that everything that bothers, annoys, disturbs, or upsets us is actually at the source of profound teaching about ourselves. She also leads us to reflect on the multi-dimensions of life through her exceptional gift for heartfelt communication that very gently jostles our thought and behavioral patterns and habits, leading us to profoundly rethink, to reassess our deepest values and principles. 

She has to be met to be believed… At only 23 years old, she has been giving lectures and seminars for several years already in numerous European countries as well as in Canada, India, and Vietnam. People of all ages are deeply moved by her presence, her voice, the deep, loving kindness she emanates as she gives her lectures or when she presents her CD collection of Angelica Mantra meditation, well-known worldwide.

Who is this young woman everyone is talking about? She’ll soon be in your area for a lecture or seminar… go along and listen and you’ll see… her mere presence does us good, inspires us to a new way of perceiving our problems and life’s challenges. 

A graduate in journalism and communication, after several years of intense study, Kasara also has earned a Master’s degree in Dreams, Signs & Symbols’ interpretation (DSSI) from the Teaching & Reseacrh Center Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) and become a professor of symbolic language. She now revises the dream interpretation work of several students following this training course, which is very avant-garde as regards psychology and philosophy. Some of these students are eminent psychologists, therapists and psychiatrists. 

At the young age of 20, this exceptionally gifted young woman in knowledge and understanding of conscience and the unconscious, gave her first lecture entitled: How to understand new children? and a full-day workshop entitled: I’m sorry. Her 9-month lecture tour was welcomed in over 60 towns and cities in French-speaking countries.

After this wonderful première, the following year, 2014, Kasara went on to innovate and inspire in lectures and workshops with new, very apt topical themes entitled respectively: That’s enough, things have to change! and A World without Injustice, in even more towns and cities on her Canadian, European and Swiss Mission.

KASARA, a Philosopher of modern times, will undoubtedly mark this era by the wisdom she transmits.

A true missionary of modern times, involved at the heart of several humanitarian projects, Kasara is now also Vice President of Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) and is on the board of directors of the UCM Research and Teaching Center and Publishing House in Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and India.

In October 2015, she was invited to participate in the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists (GCSS) in India where she was phenomenally successful and highly acclaimed  by everyone there. At only 22, she was the youngest spiritual teacher in India to participate in this important event that unites scientists, government officials and all spheres of Indian society. She was so highly acclaimed that in response to the general request, she gave two extra Mantra concerts as well as her main lecture, where she received an indescribable, magical standing ovation – beautiful recognition and acknowledgement on the highest level of the spiritual being she is and of her international Mission.

In August 2016, Kasara, she participated in an other major Congress in Vietnam, where she presented her lecture: How to understand new children? and has done also a lecture & workshop tour in India. 

As ambassador of the Plus Minus and Angelica School Program (ASP) - a free school program that enables more than 15’000 students (and soon more than 100,000) to learn dream interpretation and integrate Knowledge of symbolic language and Mantra meditation work - Kasara & Anthony present and animate this program for many schools in India, Vietnam and several other countries. Their humanitarian work and devotion are a true inspiration for everyone they meet. Anthony & Kasara continue their Mission, giving lectures and workshops worldwide.

She is now woking with UCM Team on a major project on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Symbolic Language called The Source Code Technology with senior computer specialists in artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare a unique Techonology that will be used for medical, therapeuthic, edudactional softwares and apps as well as robotics.   

KASARA has an extraordinary destiny, she shines like a star toward the highest summits…