Dr. François Bouchard

Dreams - Signs - Symbols - Yoga - Health

With Dr. François Bouchard

 « You are More than Human ! »

Come to learn Symbolic Language to deepen you Knowledge of Dreams, Signs, Yoga, Health & Therapy. Dr. François Bouchard is an International Expert known in many countries and works with Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller as one of the main Director of the Teaching & Research Center Universe/City Mikäel (UCM) Non-Profit Organization. He is also Associate Co-Founder of Nature Zen and Angelica Pratica Clinic in Canada and Europe.

Our consciousness is a living computer & through Symbolic Language we can understand the codes of our emotions, thoughts, memories & spiritual powers. Dr. François Bouchard will present very advance techniques to uncover our memories to cleanse our karmas with Angelica Yoga and Yana, based on repetition of Mantras.

Did you know that Angels exist within all of us, that it is a symbol of our spiritual powers and becoming? 

Come to learn about the karmic reasons of illnesses and discover the keys and tools to heal yourself and others on all plans.  Concrete examples will be shared and questions from the participants and personal Dream or Sign Interpretation will be answered.