« We used to think that what is simple is easy, but in reality simplicity can be much more complicated than something that is complex. »

The greatest knowledge in the field of consciousness is to understand the notion of the plus (+) and the minus (-) in terms of life experimentation, choices, living. Indeed, it is a fundamental basis that every human being should know innately, but most of the time, the only fact to say yes or no can become a huge complexity. Even a 70 years old person can have difficulties to answer this simple question: “Is it right? Do I like this or not?” and not knowing what to think, neither having the right answer or just say yes when it is not true. We use to think that what is simple is easy, when in reality, without having the knowledge connected to our choices, it can be much more complicated that something that is really complex.

It is fascinating to see how a human conscious can register, program minus over plus and then complicating its conscious and its reasoning. We can say “This is beautiful” when it’s not, when it is disharmonious and what is qualified as beautiful by a person or a social group can generate aggressiveness, violence, lack of kindness, intolerance, etc. Eventually, we can even see some people laugh and be happy towards something negative. Why so many duality within ourselves? How can it be possible?

This phenomenon is the result of a continual mixing of + and – that were created all along our teachings and choices established since our childhood. Our mother could have told us that she loved us when we were a child, but at the same time she generated unconscious information of affective dependence, hiding impatience, etc. and over time, all of this has created dysfunctions in our memories that alters our conscious and influence our simple choices like loving, eating, taking decisions. The memory is a true interconnected labyrinth, filled with blockages for some people and through a study of the Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of dreams and signs, we can understand and change this programming code within us so we can activate a right and balanced discernment of the plus and minus.

The Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Teaching and Research Center, which devotes all of its work and research to the comprehension of human conscious and the study of the Symbolic Language through dreams and signs, set up programs to help us to understand in a better way the functioning of our memories and our source code of conscious. Its Mission and its goal are to design and set up these new scholar programs for Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Professors, Nurses, Therapists, etc. and to create forward thinking schools for high-potential (HP) children but also for children with attention deficit, focusing problems, hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism and every other kind of learning problems; or for children with supra-faculties on the intelligence and conscious plan. Studying consciousness has and will become in times to come one of the most important knowledge.

It is well possible, through a study of dreams, signs and symbols, to reprogram the origin of the conscious of + and – so that we can create easier highways to think on the neuronal plan and not a congestion of complex memories that decrease our huge potential and our sensory faculties, our choices and our self-confidence.

The more we understand that the + and – is the root source code of our Destiny, the more we can focus on building true values and life principles which allows us someday to live a multidimensional life full of happiness on every plan. This is why it is so important to work on setting new education programs that allow this reprogramming in our inner computer system.

UCM positions itself as a forward thinking Research and Teaching Center in this field and brings innovative solutions and modern comprehensions through its educational programs, as much for parents as for children, allowing us to integrate our Source Code of conscious within ourselves.


Children feel more than they think
At first, children feel more than they think and when they grow up, they think more than they feel if they don’t receive a right education. 

A human being is like a living computer
He constantly registers positive and negative information without discerning and with time, it creates his personality.

A human being is one of the most accomplished COMPUTER systems
He has feelings, intuitions, thoughts, senses, MULTIDIMENSIONS and even dreams, signs, that give him answers, a connection to his memories and with other people’s energy…

A person always speaks in terms of symbols
She uses a language that is more unconscious than conscious…

We are very happy to introduce you this School Program of the Plus Minus Code, offered internationaly by The Source Code Technology Foundation in collaboration with UCM Teaching & Research Center: www.plusminuscode.com