Emeline Mercier

  • Banniere Emeline Mercier UCM Assistante Professeure

Emeline, whose mother is Thai and her father French, was born in Paris, in November 1988. Her childhood and teenage years were very interiorized and studious. Alongside the usual school program, she received a musical education, which she took very seriously. This period in her life helped her develop the qualities of rigor, perseverance and self-discipline. Thanks to her father’s work, she had the childhood opportunity to visit numerous countries, including India, China, Indonesia and the USA. This early contact with very different cultures and lifestyles helped develop her capacity to feel at home wherever she is.

Around the age of 20, Emeline experienced great anxieties but had no idea what could possibly be causing them.  That’s when her existential questions awakened, and she began to search for the essential meaning of life. At that time, she chose to study cognitive neuroscience at university, seeking to understand the scientific point of view of the mechanisms of conscience.  In particular, she discovered research on the effects of meditation on the brain, which led her to an internship in a science laboratory that was studying the cerebral activity of Tibetan monks placed in different contexts.  She was very moved by this project, which allowed monks and scientists to exchange their points of view regarding conscience, consciousness. She then completed her university career, successfully studying psychology in the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, leading to her receiving her psychologist diploma.

It was in 2013, the year when she encountered the teachings of UCM for the first time, that she truly encountered the spiritual philosophy that would change her life on all levels.  She joined the DSSI Training Course in 2015 and studied symbols, dreams and signs with deep, devoted enthusiasm, marveling at this Knowledge that enabled her to learn to marry spirit and matter, to improve herself, and hence to construct a fulfilling, well-balanced life. During this training course, she met Alexis, the man who would become her husband. The study of symbols, dreams and signs is inscribed in the very heart of their love life; it enables them to deepen their understanding of themselves, each other and others.

Emeline, and her husband, Alexis, are now both devoted to several UCM projects; their heartfelt wish is to transmit this Knowledge to as many people as possible, hoping that it can help them as much as it has helped them.