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Connecting to dreams, connecting to the source

Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) is a Canadian Non-Profit Organization, whose main objective is to bring the Knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language, Dreams, Signs, Symbols & Angelica Yoga to all students in the world. As well as learning grammar, spelling, mathematics, physics, etc. which are very important, we truly believe that teaching how to understand our emotional intelligence, dream interpretation, decoding signs, and meditation should be taught from a very young age as this provides children and teenagers with a profound understanding of themselves on the conscience level as well as great humanism and understanding of others and of the world we live in. By identifying ourselves on the symbolic level with dreams, we can accelerate our personal growth and we can understand in depth how we function deep down. By working on our unconscious memories with understanding and love, we can transform ourselves completely instead of having to go through so many experimentations in life. This new and simultaneously one of the most ancient sources of Knowledge related to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Dream & Sign Interpretation can help the child and the teenager discover the multi-dimensions of existence and not only the physical aspect.


One of the main dedications of the UCM Foundation is to present Multimedia School Programs that will help children, teenagers and adults to access a simple way of understanding psychology by activating the understanding of ourselves, of the whole potential that resides in all of us. Work with Angelica Yoga and Meditation also activates dreams and signs and brings the children more concentration and focus. The results of this School Program have been certified in Health Clinics by many doctors, teachers and therapists from many countries. The Angelica Webinar School Program offered by Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller and their team from Canada and from many countries, done through the most advanced technology platform that exists also, contributes tremendously to improved school outcomes and better concentration on the academic program. New generations are so open in terms of consciousness that they perceive the multi-dimensions and they often become dispersed because of that. The Angelica School Program is an important tool to remedy this situation while simultaneously developing profound qualities and self esteem.


Preparing the new generation to build a better world where human values come first, where decisions are made conscientiously and actions are carried out with respect is something we can study in depth with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Program and in our dreams and signs. This advanced Program creates such an opening and truly elevates children’s and teenagers’ EQ and IQ.  

What is the Angelica Webinar School Program?

Every 2 weeks the Angelica School Program provides a free 1½ hour-long Angelica Webinar for Schools given by worldwide Lecturers, Authors and Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller to explain to the students the concepts and important aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Dreams, Signs, Symbolic Language & Angelica Meditation that help activate dreams inside us so we can deeply understand who we are. When we have access to Symbolic Language, we gradually develop true conscience autonomy because we receive our answers within ourselves through our awareness, discernement and dreams and signs. Hence, we can improve our life on all levels and understand that the most important aim of our evolution is to develop qualities and become a better person. The Angelica Webinar School Program is one of the most advanced self-development Programs that exists today. It is also fun, with Multimedia HD Interaction to analyze dreams, music, videos and multiple facets of life so that the student can better understand the importance of values and principles of goodness in our everyday life. It also teaches that life can be analyzed as if it were a dream. Henceforth, everything that happens in daily life becomes profoundly meaningful.

What key skills are learnt in the Angelica Webinar School Program?

This Program is presented in a very simple, accessible way to raise awareness in students to learn to discern and understand their inner and outer environment, their inner and outer world. In the long term, it gives rise to responsible people who know how to tell the difference between good and evil and how to make decisions consciously, with profound understanding of their life program and that of others. It creates a solid foundation in their education of the understanding that before being physical, everything is metaphysical. It increases their confidence, their compassion, their capacity to anticipate events and to be aware of the true meaning of their life here on Earth: to develop qualities and become a better person, a better soul.

The Angelica School Program leads students to better understand the memories that are hidden behind fears, behind limitations. This very advanced Program, accessible to all students of all ages, provides a unique tool to cleanse these memories and to rediscover, to regain an immense positive potential that was sometimes buried deep down in the depths of the unconscious.

Understanding Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence also give students the key tool to not being afraid of their nightmares by de-dramatizing and understanding that they represent a very small percentage of memories that we have accumulated and that we can easily transform if we know how. Students learn that coincidence does not exist and that there is a reason for everything… They learn that just one dream, well understood, can change a life and a destiny…

Decoding one dream, one emotion... can change your life… - Kaya & Christiane Muller