Vietnam 2017


Theme: Resonance in Relationship: Path of True Love

How can we find True Love? How can we improve our capacity to create harmonious relationships? Is there a way to bring more peace in our life? 

Do you know the Wisdom of the heart? Would you like to enter the emotional intelligence realm and learn the Angelic keys that open the door to True Love?... 

To raise Love in ourselves and experience true connection with others and with the Universe, we have to enter the Source Code of our soul, the symbols of our unconscious… We must explore our memories, cleanse them and become an alchemist that brings light into darkness… 

The whole Universe is made of vibrations… When we experience ourselves through matter, we feel those vibrations from others, ambiances, situations, etc. We can sense them resonating in our soul… resonating with our personal Source Code… Our relationships with others become mirrors of ourselves and help us discover the profound memories that dwell in our unconscious… We are then able to understand, cleanse and transform the negativity that is unveiled to us and create space for more Purity, Harmony and Peace… 

When we find the courage and inner strength to lean in our resonances, we discover the beauty, the perfection and the greatness of the Universe… and we find the Path of True Love…  


Angelica Mantra for inner couple

Angelica Yana (breathing exercises) to unite polarities

Angelica Yoga for cleansing inner couple memories and activating True Love

Meditation – Symbolic Knowledge – Dream Interpretation

Families Activities and spiritual activities for Children

+ & - Program for inner and outer couple



Did you already ask yourself how to create a right and flourishing abundance? Are abundance, money, and spirituality compatible? Do my inner states of consciousness influence the abundance that comes into my concrete life? Can I make something to have the abundance I would like to have?

In this Workshop with Kaya and Christiane, you will enter into the multiple faces of abundance to understand what abundance exactly is, what kind of memories can prevent abundance from materializing in our life and what behaviors create a right abundance… Very often, people who are on a spiritual path have dualities that are unconscious that create stagnation as a part wants abundance and another does not want and reject it. This will be taught without hyper-positivism or boosting, elements that sooner or later create negative consequences. You will discover and analyse different testimonies, videos, texts, and real concrete sharing, etc. to understand more deeply how you can develop a true and right abundance in your life... 


Why do we develop illnesses? What are the true roots of physical, emotional and mental pain? How can we improve our health? Can our past memories influence our present health?

In this Workshop, we will explore the multidimensional causes of diseases and illnesses. Through various testimonies on different physical, emotional and mental issues, we will learn the Source Code of health and come to a profound understanding of how an imbalance can be created in our being.

An illness manifests and materializes in the physical body after taking root in the metaphysical body and the causal world. It has an educational function and always reveals the presence of memories marked by erroneous experimentations, ways of being and behavior, on one or several of the following levels: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. An accumulation of distorted memories over a long period of time prepares the way for illness. These distortions are maintained and nourished in the subtle bodies for a certain length of time before manifesting in concrete reality in the form of the symptoms and dysfunctions. If they are not rectified and transformed before attaining the degree of densification and crystallization that allows them a physical form, an illness materializes. It appears in order to help a person become aware that it is time for him to change his way of being, thinking, living. 

To welcome illness with Wisdom, we mustn’t rebel against it or want to fight it; we should rather welcome it so as to transform and transcend it by correcting and educating it within ourselves, on the levels of our conscience, memories, thoughts, emotions, and behavior that are the root cause of the blockages. With the Source Code of health, we can create harmony and balance in our body, heart, spirit and life…  

Videos, concrete cases will be analysed in the Light of Symbolic Language, the Language of the Universe.  



Date Title Location
November 21st / 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Angelica Mantra Meditation Trong Dong Palace, 489 Hoang Quoc Viet
November 22nd / 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Workshop by Kaya & Christiane: How to Create Right & Flourishing Abundance Tang 2, toa nha HH1, ngo 102 Truong Chinh
November 23rd / 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Workshop by Kaya & Christiane: How to Create Right & Flourishing Abundance Tang 2, toa nha HH1, ngo 102 Truong Chinh
November 25 / 6:00 am to 9:00 pm Retreat: Resonance in Relationship - Path of True Love Thon Kinh Dong Resort - Cu Chi Dist., HCMC
November 26 / 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Retreat: Resonance in Relationship - Path of True Love Thon Kinh Dong Resort - Cu Chi Dist., HCMC
November 28 / 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm DSSI Talk: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in our Daily Life to be confirmed