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21 May 2020 09:30

Multidimensional Vision... Dream or Reality?


With Blanaid Rensch

Live web lecture: $20.00

30 May 2020 09:30

A Virus that makes us Dream


With Anthony Di Benedetto

Live web lecture: $20.00

4 June 2020 09:30

Does Divine Justice exist? A Soul Perspective


With Haritha Nayak

Live web lecture: $20.00

18 June 2020 09:30

How to make the right choices... When the train comes, what shall I do?


With Eloi Delmonico

Live web lecture: $20.00

2 July 2020 09:30

Guidelines for Ancient Monks...


With Nils Delmonico

Live web lecture: $20.00

16 July 2020 09:30

Finding the right Job with Dreams and Signs


With Alexis Mercier

Live web lecture: $20.00

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