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1 April 2021 09:30

An Understanding Ear

With Ân Nguyen, physiotherapist

Web Conference: USD$20.00

15 April 2021 09:30

The profond meaning of images: from art to marketing...

With Isabelle

Web Conference: USD$20.00

29 April 2021 09:30

Understanding dependencies through dreams

With Martine

Web Conference: USD$20.00

13 May 2021 09:30

Beyond the comfort zone...

With Geoffrey Gagnon

Web Conference: USD$20.00

27 May 2021 09:30

How to improve my relationships

With Blanaid Rensch

Web Conference: USD$20.00

10 June 2021 09:30

Communicating with simplicity

With Eloi

Web Conference: USD$20.00

24 June 2021 09:30

Why am I too kind ?

With Alexis Mercier

Web Conference: USD$20.00

9 September 2021 09:30

The true story of our nightmares

With Anthony Di Benedetto

Web Conference: USD$20.00