Does Divine Justice exist? A Soul Perspective

with Haritha Nayak
Thursday, 4 June, 2020 - 09:30

Do you wonder why sometimes justice on earth is not fair ? Are you angry against God or Cosmic Intelligence because a child has been sexually abused or abandoned ? How can I always be in a state of clemency or real forgiveness when somebody has hurt me or has lied to me ? Do I become too intense and agressive when I face an injustice ?

In this web conference, Haritha will share through examples such as a revelatory dream about universal justice and how it takes place in our lives from a soul perspective. She will also share about the divine laws & principles that govern divine justice throughout lifetimes, that as initiates we shall remember and implement in our lives so as to create a destiny that is in accordance & in sync beautifully with the cosmic plan.

Haritha comes from a family with parents who were advocates. With the UCM School of Wisdom, she decoded why the Cosmic Intelligence planned it for her to be born there and how it was so deeply connected to her soul plan when she started to study her dreams & her concrete life. She is happy to share parts of her personal journey of contemplating and understanding the link between justice on earth vs divine justice.

Registration: $20.00