How do I prepare my computer for the Webinar ?

It is strongly advised to complete this step before the webinar starts. Simply follow the instructions given in the confirmation message. You will be invited to download the WebEx software onto your computer. Click on the following link:

For PC: link to download WEBEX application

 For Mac: link to download WEBEX application

Click on Install.

You may receive a security warning. Simply click on Execute, or optionally tick the box if you no longer wish to be notified about WebEx softwar. A download window will open. When it's finished, you will receive a confirmation message. Simply click OK.

The email also contains a link to check if all the multimedia programs have all been installed.

Following this link, you will be invited to configure these programs.The first one (Flash Player)  is highly recommended, whereas the other two are optional for the moment. Simply follow the steps indicated on the link "Check now".

Congratulations, your computer is now ready for the webinars!