Calendari Angelici

At his birth, the human being receives three Guardian Angels. Their Qualities and corresponding human distortions indicate the strengths we have acquired in other lifetimes, those we can develop in this life, and the weaknesses we have come to transcend.

The first Guardian Angel corresponds to the physical plane and guides the world of actions. He identifies himself thanks to the Angelic Calendar # 1 starting from the date of birth .

The second Guardian Angel corresponds to the world of feelings and emotions and shows us our potential and the virtues that we must develop at the affective level. His Name is found in the Angelic Calendar # 2 starting from the date of birth.

The third Guardian Angel corresponds to the intellect and touches the world of thoughts. Thanks to the Angelic Calendar # 3, it identifies with the time of birth. It should be noted that no matter the country, the anticipated time or the normal time, our time of birth is "universal".

As in astrology, the moment of birth serves as a reference and a starting point. The purpose of the work with the Angelic States of Consciousness consists in the integration not only of our three Guardian Angels but of the total Knowledge which represent the 72 Angels of this initiatory tradition ...

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