The 72 Angels

The spiritual purpose of the human being is to become an Angel, to discover and develop the Divine Qualities and Powers that are found within him.

Traditional Angeology provides us with the list of the Qualities of each Angel and of the human distortions which helps to understand in depth the Source Code of Consciousness. Regularly consulting these reminders allows us to become familiar with each of the 72 Angels and to structure our inner work. Very old, this list is the product of centuries of rigorous research and deep work on consciousness. It is presented here adapted to the contemporary era for universal use.

How to work with angels?

The image of the Angel as a winged being is a metaphor that represents our ability to dream and travel in the multidimensions of Consciousness. The basic work is simple: it consists in repeating the Name of an Angel as a mantra as often as possible for at least five days. Thus we focus on the development of Divine Qualities, Virtues and Powers, that is, on the Ray of Universal Consciousness that it represents. We then have the possibility of progressively becoming the Angel, of integrating new knowledge and new potentials and modifying our conscious and unconscious memories that define us. According to the memories located on the touched Ray, the Angel manifests in a pure way or brings out our human distortions. But it manifests itself, it is absolute.It is extraordinary to note that in our dreams and in everyday situations we meet exactly the characteristics of the invoked Angel that we can recognize in the list of human qualities and distortions. Through this work we consciously participate in the transformation that the Angel carries out and thus we have a very precise geographical map of our consciousness and of our travels in the multidimensional parallel worlds.

Note: It is important to interpret Angelic Qualities and human distortions first of all in terms of consciousness, ie not to take them literally.